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We have had so many people post messages of condolence and memories of Ann that we wanted to ensure they weren't lost. We have put together a memorial book for Ann's children, Kirstie and James, to keep but wanted to make a selection of these messages available for everyone to read.


We have split these into different pages to make it easier to navigate. Some pages have links to further pages due to the number of messages we have received.

Memorial Page 1

Click on the picture above to see the posts made to the Kama's Cave Facebook Page by Ann's daughter Kirstie on Wednesday 22nd and Thursday 23rd April 2020



Memorial Page 2

Click on the picture above to see the post made on the Kama's Cave Facebook page on Thursday 23rd April 2020 which gives details of what we are doing to remember Ann


Memorial Page 3

Click on the picture above to access the Memorial Book we have put together from Facebook posts and messages from Ann's friends and family plus posts from followers of Kama's Cave and people from within the Greyhound and Sighthound community.


Memorial Print by Nellie Doodles - "Waited for You"

This stunning picture by Nellie Doodles is titled "Waited for You"


It was posted to the Kama's Cave page by Nellie Doodles in memory of Ann and all the dogs waiting for her over the Rainbow Bridge. They have agreed that we can sell prints of this picture on high quality A4 card for the rest of 2020 to raise funds for the Ann Brandon Memorial Fund.


If you would like to order a copy they are £15 plus postage and can be purchased from our Etsy store by clicking on the picture.

A Good Heart
A Video of Ann and her Hounds with a soundtrack written for and dedicated to Ann
Sung by
Maria Daines
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