Wednesday 22nd April 2020


Good afternoon all.

In the early hours of this morning, in the still of the night, the angels came down from heaven and opened their delicate wings and gently scooped our beautiful angelic mum up in their wings and floated her soul away to the stars above.

Our mum was the kindest, most loving, nuttiest, greyhound mad person we have ever known. Her love for the breed was unconditional and a true passion. Greyhounds were her life and always will be.

Sadly, our precious mum could not win her battle against cancer. She has been taken from us far too soon but we will make sure that her memory will live on forever through us and her rescue. We would like our mum to be remembered for the amazing greyhound rescuer and mum that she was.

We don’t have any idea of funeral arrangements at this time due to the current situation but we will keep you up to speed. If you have any questions please contact Vicky johnson or Nikki savage.

But for now, please take the time to light a candle for our mum or share a picture of a greyhound she rehomed to you. Sleep soundly our sweet mum in the arms of angels.


We hope your kisses with all your greyhounds up there will be everlasting.

We love you mum forever and always

Sleep tight angel ... ?

Thursday 23rd April


It was hard enough to write this post for everyone yesterday and I just can’t find the words for you properly myself yet mum, but I will, for now just embrace the journey.


Love you endlessly, always and forever my precious mum ???


I love you so much,


Kirstie x

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