Kama's Cave going forward - 3rd June 2020

Over the past few weeks we have been asked whether Kama’s Cave would still be continuing after the sad passing of Ann. Due to the Covid-19 restrictions we have not been able to put things in place as quickly as we would like, and there are still many things to be sorted, but we are now in a position to give you an update.


Ann left a request in her will that her son James oversee the future of her Greyhound Rescue, Kama’s Cave. James is very busy with his own dogs and would not be able to dedicate the time required to run Kama’s Cave on his own and ensure it continued as his mum would have wanted.


Over the last couple of weeks James has been discussing how to ensure Kama’s Cave could continue successfully with two of the main fundraisers for Kama’s Cave, Vicky Johnson and Paul Hindle. We all agree that Kama’s Cave can continue in a slightly modified format but still in a way that will honour the fantastic work previously done by Ann.


James has asked Vicky and Paul to look after the day to day running of Kama’s Cave but he will still be involved and be part of any major decision making and changes to the way Kama’s Cave works as and when required.


We have agreed that the aims of Kama’s Cave going forward will be as follows:

  • to support the Sponsor and Foster dogs for as long as they need support
  • to support small independent rescues that were supported by Ann
  • to help find homes for a small number of Greyhounds that we take into our care


This list shows our initial aims which we all believe would meet with Ann’s approval and depending on the success of Kama’s Cave over the coming months we may look to expand on these aims. This will be determined by how well we maintain support for Kama’s Cave and how successful we are at continuing the fundraising.


We will continue to update the Facebook pages and website and over the coming weeks will give updates on the dogs in our care and our ongoing fundraising. If you have any questions please feel free to message us through the Facebook page or send us an email to kamascave@btinternet.com. You can also contact Vicky and Paul direct.


The solicitors are still processing everything with regards Kama’s Cave so we do not currently have access to the dogs bank account and Ann’s PayPal but we do have funds to keep things running. If you are currently donating by standing order this money is safe and will be available once the solicitor clears access to the account. If you would like to send a donation by PayPal to help us support the aims of Kama’s Cave please send it to kamascave@btinternet.com


We hope that everyone who has supported Ann over the last 20+yrs will continue to support Kama’s Cave and ensure the work started by Ann continues for many years to come.


Thank you


James, Vicky & Paul


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