Lenny's Story

Where to start with Lenny.


It was a phone call from Nikki Savage who had been at the vets that day with Brandy, they asked her if she knew anyone who would foster or rehome a dog. Nikki said she knew of someone.


Now as we know Ann loved a broken one! A dog she could put back together and smother with love, well she got that with Len.


He was called Lenny as he was found on Ann’s fathers birthday. He went back to Kamas Cave with a plated leg and unknown at the time a second brake in his other front leg. Ann nursed him better.


I remember visiting and looking in the kennel at this little man surrounded by toys, not spoilt at all! Then it happened. Ann worked her magic on me, “Take him on the walk”, ” see how well he gets on with your other dogs” and “ how about you taking for the weekend?” Famous last words he never went back!


He came on all our adventures, being a crowd puller at many a show. Ann used to come and visit and ended up with him sitting on her like a baby.


After a couple of years, he developed a problem with the plate on his leg. It was fixed but there was a weakness and one morning on our walk he jumped at a squirrel and broke it in two places.


A mad dash to Cambridge vet hospital and they saved the leg however he developed an infection and the leg had to be removed. We were helped by Kama’s Cave and Sothern Lurcher Lifeline but £11,000 later he is still a big baby who now gets pushed in a pram on his walks when he gets tired. Sleeps on my bed, and gets away with murder!


Thank you Ann and Nikki!


Wouldn’t change him for the world.


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