Looby's Story

We were in our local one March evening with a group of friends the men were talking of forming a syndicate to own a racehorse. After a lot of discussion, it was decided that would be too expensive so my husband came up with the idea of a greyhound instead. Enquiries were made and a week later off they went to look at a greyhound with me in tow.


Looby was that greyhound, an 18-month-old very small shy, scared little girl who stole my heart at that first meeting. We came away with them deciding they would take her on and a contract was drawn up with one very important condition, she was mine when she finished her racing!!


That first time she looked at me with those beautiful soulful eyes my heart melted and she had me hook, line and sinker, there was no other place she was going apart from home with me.


For the next year my husband and I went to watch every race. I would go down to kennelling before each race to see her then back to the restaurant to watch the race. I had to delay my meal each time as I was a nervous wreck, shaking and feeling physically sick with worry that she would get hurt. It was then back down to track side to meet her, give her a cuddle and watch as the vet checked her, I could then relax and eat my dinner.


Sunday mornings were the highlight of my week as we used to go and walk her, give her sausages with lots of fuss thrown in. It was amazing how she knew the minute I turned up. She would start barking and jumping up and down with excitement to see her mummy. After our walk I would get a blanket and sit on the ground with her giving lots of fuss and a good brush. I hated it when it was time to leave.


Looby came home for a week three times in that year (I took every opportunity to spend time with her). She settled straight away with just one accident the first night. I spoiled her rotten and she loved being with us. The only trouble being it was such a wrench to take her back, but I had no choice.


When that first year’s contract was up, I didn’t give the men a chance to renew it. I simply informed the trainer she was retiring and coming home with me. I had her finally and my heart was exploding with joy.


Within two weeks of coming home permanently Lobby was into a routine, was learning to play and do zoomies in the lounge. She discovered the sofa and roaching and learned that she must not take food from our plates or beg at the table among a whole host of other things.


Her personality was coming out and she just loved being with us. We had even progressed to being able to walk her off lead (on a secure river bank) within four weeks. It’s so lovely to see them run just from pure excitement. She was not an ounce of trouble and an absolute delight. By this time, she had stolen my husband’s heart too.


When the grandchildren came for their first visit I was very nervous about how she would handle it, they were 15 months and three years old. Stupid me worrying, they smothered her with love and crawled over and under her. She even shared her bed with my grandson (15 months old) when he decided the only place he would take his afternoon nap was with her, in fact I think she loved it.


We ended up the proud owners of a motorhome as we couldn’t bear to put her back in kennels to go on holiday. A great decision as we have had many very happy holidays as a family of three. She took to it so well that we had to make sure the motorhome door was closed or we would lose her and find her happily curled up on the couch in there.


Thanks to Looby I volunteer at a greyhound rehoming kennels and have fostered a couple. She has been amazing and so gentle with them, letting them use her bed, play with her toys and teaching them how to behave in a home.


When I think of the amount of laughter, pleasure and love she has brought into our lives in the nine years she has been home I am so grateful for the day we went to look at her. It’s funny as I had never even given thought to having a greyhound as a pet, but it’s turned out to be one of the best decisions I have ever made.  



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