Sally's Story

Foxtail Sally (18/03/2002 – 07/04/2016)


If you have been a Kama's Cave supporter for a while, you may well remember Sally. Back in 2010 she was made a sponsor dog there. She came from a family who had to downsize and could no longer keep her. She was said to be a bit destructive and nervous. It was soon clear that the return to kennels unsettled her and she barked very loudly at any strangers coming into the kennels, hence no-one wanted her, so Ann made her a sponsor dog believing she would be unhomeable. 


Thankfully I was due to re-new my membership of the KC sponsorship scheme and fell in love with Sally's beautiful face and chose her. I asked Ann if I could visit the kennels and meet her. On arrival she barked loudly but when Ann brought her out of her kennel, she was petrified to meet me. Ann clung on to her and I quietly spoke to her and gave her a stroke and we had a little play in the paddock where she kept her distance and barked yet more!


I didn't give up on Sally, every time I went to the kennels I spent some time with her, gradually progressing to taking her out for walks and trips out in the car. This was all alien to me as I'd only got involved with greyhounds about 2 years previously and had never had my own dog before, but Sally looked after me and showed me the ropes. 


One day I brought her home to see how she'd get on and she ate all her dinner, loved her walk and rested in the afternoon – it couldn't have gone better!


My husband John also had no experience of dogs, but we decided to have Sally for a weekend and we found her to be very well behaved, clean and quiet (Yes, no barking!). So, she came to stay for a long weekend over the Easter of 2011 and it was on returning her to the kennels when she barked with unhappiness, that we agreed it would be the last time she would have to go back to kennels. We had 2 holidays booked but in July she would come and stay with us forever!


We had our fair share of problems helping her to settle into our routine and lives but she blossomed and thrived with everything we did with her. She adored her walks and getting out to new places, and we can now understand how awful it must have been for her in kennels to be shut in (albeit in the best of care with Ann & Paul). 


Sally went everywhere with us – days out, pub lunches, shopping trips, train rides, holidays, hill walking and even occasionally to work. You name it and she probably did it! Despite her nervous streak she bonded with us, trusted us and loved going everywhere with us – sometimes loving it a bit too much as in the case of watching horse trials, where she got so excited that she barked and leapt about, wanting to run with/chase the horses as they galloped past! 


She attended numerous events promoting greyhounds as great pets and everyone loved her. We were so proud when she won 'Best Veteran Bitch' at the big Greyhound Extravaganza Show near Newmarket in 2014 and was runner up the following year.


You would never believe that she was 9 years old when we gave her a home – there was life aplenty left in the 'old dog' and we had an amazing 4 and a half years together. The last 9 months were a roller coaster ride of ups and downs – she was diagnosed with dementia and then a suspected slipped disc in her back which caused a lot of pain and stiffness in her back legs. 


In March, she celebrated her 14th birthday in style at her favourite pub, the Angel Inn at Yarwell, with lots of her friends where she managed a leisurely hours walk and then proceeded to spend most of the next hour on her paws going from table to table checking to see if anyone would give her some of their lunch!  She really was at her cheeky, beautiful best that day and it is a special memory that we will always treasure.


You will never be forgotten Sally and will always be our very special girl, in our hearts forever x

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