The 2017 Kama's Cave Sausage Race

                         Kindly Sponsored by Kay Arnold & Flash

If you have never been to a Kama's Cave Fun Day you may be asking what the Sausage Race is.


On this page we will explain how it works but expect lots of barking and cheering. There will be a bit of running, or brisk walking, and of course........ SAUSAGES


Entries for the event are made on the day at the Kama's Cave Greyhound Sanctuary stall. During the break in the Dog Shows you will be called to Ring 1 for the fun to commence.


We will run a number of heats with between 6 and 8 dogs in each heat depending on the number of entries we receive. You will line up with your dog and in front of you will be 3 plates equally spaced in a line going away from you and on each plate will be a piece of sausage.


When the race starts you will run with your dog to the first plate and the sausage must be eaten. You will then go on to the second plate and eat the sausage and then the final plate and eat the sausage. It is then a race back to where you started. The winners of each heat will go through to the semi-finals or straight to the final depending on the number of competitors we have.


The Grand Final will determine our 2017 Sausage Race Champion


The dogs are expected to eat the sausage but if you think they are taking too long you are allowed to help......


When you see the fun you may wish that you had entered. Don't worry, we will give everyone a chance to join in during the heats and you could still become our 2017 Sausage Race Champion


Please note that all dogs must be kept on their leads at all times.


There will be certificates for each heat winner and a special prize for our Champion.




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