Hector's Greyhound Rescue

In 2015 volunteers from Hector's Greyhound Rescue joined us on one of our organised walks at Ferry Meadows. They introduced themselves to Ann and from that point onwards the two rescues helped each other to find homes for the dogs in their care.


Since Ann passed we have continued to support and work with Hector's. When we asked people to share details of Jet, who was struggling in kennels, they shared details with their supporters. We found a short term foster home locally but one of Hector's supporters offered a long term foster home but before he headed North a permanent home was found with another of Hector's supporters.


Recently the van used by Hector's to transport their dogs broke down. We were able to help them with a donation to get the van back on the road.


The first button below will take you to the home page of Hector's website, the second button will take you to the Rehoming page and the third button takes you to their Facebook page.

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