Mandy's Rescue Dogs

In 2007 Mandy relocated to Spain from the UK. With the number of stray dogs roaming the street it wasn't long before Mandy started helping local rescues. For many years she would help with fundraising and when the rescues were full she would help by fostering dogs in her own home.


In early 2013 Mandy fostered two dogs while they underwent all of the necessary blood tests and injections to enable them to travel to the UK. These two dogs were Bella and Chica who came to Kama's Cave where Ann found them forever homes. This was the start of a long friendship and working relationship between Kama's Cave and Mandy.


In recent years many of the rescues Mandy helped were struggling with the number of dogs they were being asked to take in so Mandy decided to take some herself and with the help of her friends raised funds to help the dogs. Kama's Cave have helped by supporting her online auctions and several of our supporters sent over items to sell and raise funds.


The number of dogs Mandy was taking in didn't drop and in 2019 Mandy took the step of applying for Charitable status.While going through this process it was agreed with Ann that Kama's Cave would act as UK back up for Mandy just in case a UK homing didn't work out but unfortunately Ann fell ill before this could be put in place.


When Ann passed we took the decision that Mandy's Rescue Dogs would be one of the Rescues that we would partner with to help raise funds when they were urgently needed. We will also help to promote the dogs that Mandy has in her care that are looking for a forever home.


In January of 2020 Mandy took in a heavily pregnant Galgo that she named Tifi. Two weeks later she gave birth to 12 gorgeous pups but unfortunately one of the girls passed away after just 2 hours. Tifi was a fantastic mum and the remaining 11 pups were all doing well. Due to the coronavirus lockdown the pups were unable to start their required injections but they were all growing big and strong until they reached 11 weeks. One by one they fell ill with Parvovirus and had to be admitted to the emergency vets. The strain they had contracted was particularly virulent and over the next 10 days all of the pups sadly passed away. Mandy was left with a large vet bill and still needed to support and feed the dogs. We were able to help Mandy by sending funds to purchase enough sacks of food to restock her food store.

Dogs for Rehoming


All of the dogs Mandy has for rehoming can be homed in the UK. There are regular transport runs from Spain and the dogs can be dropped of all over the UK. If you are interested in any of the dogs Mandy has for rehoming you can see regular updates on the dogs on her Facebook page.




You can also message Mandy through the Facebook page and she can tell you more about the dogs and talk you through the adoption process.


Below you can see pictures of Mandy's dogs currently looking for a forever home. Click on each picture to see more details about each dog.


Male Podenco

Brother of Andrea & Cia


Female Galgo


Female Podenco

Sister of Alex & Cia


Female Galgo


Female Podenco

Sister of Alex & Andrea


Female Galgo

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