Dogs for Rehoming

Updated 28th June 2020

Since Ann passed in April things have changed at Kama's Cave but we are still rehoming dogs just on a smaller scale.


Since the beginning of May we have homed five dogs, four of these were already with Ann while Bess was rehomed so quickly that we did not have time to advertise that she was available.


If you are looking for a Greyhound please email Vicky at or message her through the Kama's Cave Facebook page. Vicky will let you know what dogs are available. If we do not have any ready for homing she will take details of what you are looking for so that she can get back to you if we can find you a suitable dog.


If you would like to register your details with us in anticipation of homing or fostering a Greyhound please contact Vicky and she can send you our Homing/Fostering Questionnaire.

Jet now Mac

Jet was not enjoying life in kennels so we put out an appeal to find him a home or a foster home.


Within a few days he had found a wonderful foster home and didn't have to wait long to find his forever home. He had many enquiries and in mid June he was collected by his new mum and dad who have named him Mac.


As you can see from the pictures he has settled in very well.


We were contacted 10 days ago to find out whether we had a Greyhound bitch available for homing and James suggested Bess might be suitable. Her potential parents came to see her on Monday and instantly fell in love.


Bess arrived safely on Saturday and has settled really well. Good luck in your new home Bess and we will hopefully see you when we can organise a Ferry Meadows walk.

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