Kama's Cave Sponsor Dog - BRI

Bri came to Kama’s Cave in February 2019. She was going to be thrown into the river by gipsies as she was no good at coursing.


When she was rescued, she was found to have a broken knee. As she was very young our vets thought it would be worse if it was operated on, so we left it to see how she got on. She is given MSM every day and she can run and play just the same as all the other dogs. She is becoming more comfortable on it and building her strength every day but does limp when she gets tired or has overdone it. Bri was also found to have a small hernia which was corrected when she was speyed in August 2019.


She is a tiny Saluki cross who stole Ann’s heart. She is very naughty indoors and steals anything from shoes and diaries to anything edible she can find .


Bri enjoyed several trips away with Ann including going to north Norfolk where Ann loved the beaches and views as well as visiting her friend Claire in Manchester. When Ann became ill, she and Claire agreed that if the worst happened Bri should go to live with Claire.


Bri moved to Manchester at the beginning of June where she has quickly become the boss of the household and her Greyhound brother and sister, Noah and Eva, are getting used to this cheeky whirlwind.


Bri will continue to be supported by Kama’s Cave for any medical needs.

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