Kama's Cave Sponsor Dog - LUMPY

In 2017 Ann was contacted to see if she could help with Lumpy. He had known nothing but kennel life and couldn’t cope with life in a house. Of course Ann said yes and a few days later he arrived in Lincolnshire.


Lumpy has become a big kennel character and he insists on cuddles whenever visitors arrive. He loves it here and loves his kennel mate Teal but because of his past he can't be rehomed unless it's to a very special unique home.


Lumpy is one of the long term sponsor dogs at Kama's Cave.


When Ann passed in April she asked James to ensure that Lumpy would be looked after  by him at the kennels and kept safe. Of course James agreed and Lumpy continues to share a kennel at Kama’s Cave with his girlfriend Teal where he will live out his life in safety and with lots of cuddles.


Kama’s Cave will continue to support Lumpy for as long as he needs us and by sponsoring him you are ensuring this happy boy wants for nothing. 

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