Kama's Cave Sponsor Dog - RICKETTS

Ricketts is a Saluki x Whippet, we think, and came to Kama’s Cave in early 2014. A lady called Ann to say she had found a Greyhound in her garden and could she help. When she got there it was this little tired cold and lonely pup, and of course she brought him home where he lived in the house with Ann.


It soon became apparent that Ricketts had something badly wrong with his front leg. When he ran and played it would swell up and get very sore. So off to see Auntie Julia the Vet for an X-ray, where we discovered that his leg had been broken, plated and screwed. From that day on had his MSM on his dinner every day and gradually over time his leg made a full recovery and he has never had any problems again.


Early in May we were contacted by Jane who said she had space to home a couple of Ann’s long-term residents if we had anyone suitable. She had homed several older dogs from Kama’s Cave previously so we knew they would have a wonderful home.


Jane came to the kennels and discussed the dogs with James and agreed to take Ricketts and Hudson to see how they took to a new home. As you can see from the pictures they have both settled very well. Ricketts is learning the new routine and settling in well with all his new housemates but still isn’t too sure of the dog door.


Rickett’s will continue to be supported by Kama’s Cave for any medical needs.

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