Kama's Cave Sponsor Dog - Rodney

Rodney is a Galgo x Podenco and came to us 6yrs ago from Galgos del Sol at only 4 months old along with his brother. His brother went on to get a lovely home, but Rodney became very sick. We had no idea what was wrong with him and we ended up at the vets every day for a week. We initially thought it could be heart worm as Rodney was eating but not keeping anything down, so we had worm pills to start but this did not work. He was getting thinner and thinner. Next, we tried an X-ray to see if that would shed any light on what was wrong, that showed nothing.


By now Rodney only weighed 4 kilos, he had no energy and could hardly walk. Our last hope was an X-ray with barium meal to see if that showed anything. Monday morning and we were back to the vets for this special X-ray where we finally discovered that Rodney had Mega oesophagus.


We didn’t have a special chair for feeding him in a seated position, so Ann had to use a bag on wheels with cushions to pad it out and keep him comfy. Then came the fun of trying to feed him. The daily routine consisted of feeding him 5 or 6 times a day in little amounts and trying to keep him still long enough for his food to stay down.


Ann cancelled all her shows for the summer so that she could devote all of her time to looking after Rodney. Well she needn’t have bothered. Within two weeks Rodney jumped out of his bag on wheels and demanded his dinner on the floor and has never been sick again in his life.


Rodney has only known life in the house with Ann and her pack of dogs and we do not believe that he would cope with the upheaval of moving home. To this end he will live out his life with James and his dogs where he knows the routine and will be happy.


Rodney will continue to be supported by Kama’s Cave for any medical requirements he may have and by sponsoring him you are ensuring this happy boy wants for nothing.

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