Kama's Cave Sponsor Dog - STEVIE

Stevie is one of our long-term foster dogs who we have supported since he came to Kama’s Cave in 2014. Stevie came to us when he was turned away by another rescue who said he could not be rehomed. He has high prey drive and is strong on his lead so requires an experienced Greyhound handler.


He always got on very well with other Greyhounds especially his kennelmate at Kama’s Cave, Mary, who he loved to cuddle up with. When Mary was rehomed we decided to look for a long term foster home for Stevie in a home with another Greyhound.


Update from Stevie’s Foster Family


After losing our previous Greyhound we visited Kama’s Cave and rehomed Stevie’s  kennelmate Mary in early 2015. When we saw Ann’s post a month later looking for a permanent foster home for Stevie, we contacted her hoping to reunite the kennelmates.


Although Stevie is still extremely strong on his lead he settles down after a few minutes on a walk next to the calm presence of Mary by his side. Every afternoon, after food, he loves to snuggle up to Mary for a nap just as they did when they were at Kama’s Cave.


He is now 12 and still likes to run everywhere at full pelt regardless of his surroundings. He has had an issue with his kidneys but thankfully this has now been resolved


Stevie will continue to be supported by Kama’s Cave for any medical needs.

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