Kama's Cave Sponsor Dog - TEAL

Teal is also the star of the kennel and has been with us a few years now. She had been homed direct from a trainer and went to live with a boy greyhound in a small village.


Much like Lumpy, she did not have a garden secure enough to keep her in and one day Teal and her brother escaped. They were being tormented by people walking small dogs along the side of their property and when they got out they attacked a small dog. Teal was brought to Kama’s Cave by the police who asked if we would take care of her for the rest of her life.


So, here she is and is very happy sharing her kennel with her boyfriend Lumpy.


When Ann passed in April she asked James to ensure that Teal would be looked after by him at the kennels and kept safe. Of course James agreed and she continues to share a kennel at Kama’s Cave with her boyfriend Lumpy where she will live out her life in safety and with lots of cuddles.


Kama’s Cave will continue to support Teal for as long as she needs us and by sponsoring her you are ensuring this happy girl wants for nothing. 

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