Kama's Cave Sponsor Dog - TIGGY

Tiggy came to Kama’s Cave many years ago. She had been homed by a trainer but when she arrived, she was so very thin and hungry. After feeding her up for a few weeks she went to a wonderful foster home to be a helping hand to Sam. We had homed him but he was scared of the big wide world and Tiggy was to be his mentor.


Tiggy has suffered from many ailments in her life and we have helped her every step of the way along with her loving Mum and Dad and her brother Sam.


In September 2019 Tiggy had to have her spleen removed. She had a lump in tummy that had started to grow so she was taken for a scan where a growth on her spleen was found. The mass, which weighed 2.5kg, was removed along with her spleen. She has continued to do well since the operation although her age is now taking its toll on her.


Update from Tiggy’s Foster Family


Tiggy has many names, when she first came to us it was Tiggy tea-leaf, as she collected socks, slippers, letters, one time we found a tape gun in her basket. As she has settled, now it is miss Pokémon. She pokes everything until they fall then runs away frightened.


When she came to us, she had health problems, her heart and kidneys were not good, we got her settled with medication and now are seeing if she can do without it. She is very needy, has to have company and a hand to fuss her. She keeps Sam in his place and must be first to the door when we have visitors. Tiggy will not take treats from just anybody, Sam wins on that one. She is such a loveable girl and gets a fuss one way or another.


Last year she had to have her spleen and a large mass removed. She still has digestive problems, we know the signs, and after a few days things get better. Just recently Tiggy has lost weight, about 1 kilo, she’s not eating and is being sick. A visit to the vets, and now she has some anti sickness pills and something to stimulate her appetite. This seem to be helping although it takes her all day to eat her food, she likes to graze, so we have to watch Sam as he’s never slow to clear up any spare food.


Age is catching up with Tiggy, but she can still run fast into the house if she thinks Sam is getting a treat. As she gets older her back legs are getting weaker, some days one back leg takes a little while to catch up with the rest.


We will continue to give Tiggy the best care and ensure she has the best possible quality of life.


Tiggy will continue to be supported by Kama’s Cave for any medical needs.

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